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Acanthocalycium griseum Backeb.
Descr. Cact. Nov. iii. 5 (1963). not validly published

= Echinopsis grisea

Accepted Scientific Name: Echinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 5: 92 (1987)

Acanthocalycium griseum (Echinopsis grisea) Photo by: Cactus Art


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Echinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 5: 92 (1987)
Synonymy: 23

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echinopsis thionantha complex

This Taxon has lots of synonyms (like many other cacti), with several controversial varieties and subspecies, and comprises a multitude of different forms, but where each form is linked to others by populations of plants with intermediate characteristics):

  • Acanthocalicium (Lobivia) thionanthum var. brevispinum.Echinopsis brevispina (F.Ritter) H.Friedrich & G.D.Rowley: The variety "brevispinum" has comparatively short but strong sharp spines.
  • Acanthocalicium chionanthum P67  Portrero 2500m, Salta, Argentina.Echinopsis chionantha (Speg.) Werderm.: This is the white flowering form of Echinopsis thionantha.
  • Echinopsis grisea: The characteristic epidermis of this form is green to dark blue grey and become clear powdery-grey in the older part of the stem (like some Copiapoa)
  • Acanthocalicium (Echinopsis) thionanthum P144 Punta de Ballasto 2100mEchinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt: The specific name "thionanthum" was originally applied to the yellow flowering form, but now comprises plant of variable colour of flowers and spines sizes.
  • Echinopsis (Acanthocalicium) thionantha var. copiapoides.Echinopsis thionantha var. copiapoides hort., Piltz: The variety "copiapoides" has comparatively clearer grey-blue epidermis and looks like some plant of the genus Copipaoa.

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