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Cyphostemma mappia (Lamarck) Galet
Rech. Meth. Identif. & Classif. Vitac. 2: 523 1967.

Cyphostemma mappia Photo by: © Plantemania
Cyphostemma mappia is heterophyllous, that is to say it has leaves of different types upon the same plant. Juvenile specimens have thin long and red leaves while in adult stage the leaves are oval and green.


Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Mapou tree, Mauritian baobab
FRENCH (Français): bois mapou, mapou

28465 plantemania © Plantemania
Cyphostemma mappia cotyledons. Photo by: © Plantemania
28466 plantemania © Plantemania
Cyphostemma mappia juvenile foliage. Photo by: © Plantemania

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