About Us


Launched the 4th of August 2013, LLIFLE (Encyclopedias of Living Forms) is an internet collection of encyclopedias devoted to plants, fungi and animals. Each Encyclopedia aims to be a useful and comprehensive resource for all impassioned of a specific biologic category, and provides the accepted Latin name for most species, subspecies, variety, forms, breeds and cultivars, with links to all synonyms and common name by which that species has been known. LLIFLE encyclopedias are compiled by impassioned volunteers that are not experts and every effort is made to make the information more correct as possible.


LLIFLE will always remain dynamic and is regularly updated with photos and informations, but an accurate database depends on the continuous work of volunteer enthusiasts. Because the LLIFLE is an ongoing and dynamic project, we encourage you to contact the project staff with new information.

Photo Credits

The more than [ numer photo corrente] photographs presented on the LLIFLE website represent the kind donation of many photographers; We are always receptive to further excellent photographs, especially those for species currently not or little illustrated, or for plant parts and developmental phases not now illustrated. Contact [Link al form per I feedback che dobbiamo creare creare ] for submission information.
All photographs are are available for use in any educational, scientific, or non-profit venture, on condition that full and precise credit is given to LLIFLE and to its contributors and the conditions of the Creative Commons Licence are observed. If you wish to use the content on a public portal or webpage ensure that credits are properly made.


All data is entered into a MySQL database server. LLIFLE pages are generated directly from it using php 5.3. Because the LLIFLE web site is generated directly from it, all web pages, photos and maps are as up to date as the information entered into the database.