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Agave stricta Salm-Dyck
Bonplandia 7(7): 94 (-95) 1859 Notes = striata

Agave stricta (Needle Leaf Agave)
Agave stricta (Needle Leaf Agave)
(A young specimen) It is a mid-sized Agave that forms perfectly spherical rosettes up to 80 cm in diameter, that consist of countless hard, narrow leaves with a pronounced terminal spike.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Agave stricta Salm-Dyck
Bonplandia 7(7): 94 (-95) 1859
Synonymy: 3 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Agave stricta f. nana Minas Asbestos

Accepted name in llifle Database:
Agave stricta f. rubra hort.


Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Hedgehog Agave, Globe Agave, Needle Leaf Agave, Needle Agave
FINNISH (Suomi): Siiliagaave
RUSSIAN (Русский): Агава прямая

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Agave striata complex-group

  • Agave striata Zucc.: Dense, suckering rosette succulent with unique spiny pencil-like foliage, with nice spherical growth that branch profusely from the base. It very similar to Agave stricta, and can be easily confused with a Yucca.
  • Agave striata var. californica (Jacobi) A.Terracc. in A.Terracc.
  • Agave striata f. minima: Dwarf plant that only reach a maximum size of 15-25 cm.
  • Agave stricta (Needle Leaf Agave)Agave stricta Salm-Dyck: Forms large individual rosettes, with hundreds of thin leaves, 30 to 100 cm in height and width. This species has the tightest spherical shape of any agave and looks like a very nasty porcupine. .
  • Agave stricta f. nana Minas Asbestos: It is a very small selection that forms a compact spherical rosette, with many stiff, very narrow, glaucous-blue linear leaves. Will form offshoots to create a colony of rosettes.
  • Agave stricta f. rubra hort.: (a.k.a. Red form) it has thin red longitudinal lines on the leaves. The red colouratin enhances under stress condition (drought, strong sun and cold expecially in winter)

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Agave stricta Photo by: Cactus Art
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