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Amaryllis formosissima L.
Sp. Pl. 293 (1753).

Accepted Scientific Name: Sprekelia formosissima (L.) Herb.
Appendix [Herbert]. 35 (1821) Herb.

Amaryllis formosissima (Sprekelia formosissima) Photo by: Raffa C. Garcia


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Sprekelia formosissima (L.) Herb.
Appendix [Herbert]. 35 (1821)
Synonymy: 11

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Aztec lily, Jacobean lily, St. James' lily
GERMAN (Deutsch): Jakobslilien
ITALIAN (Italiano): Sprekelia, Giglio degli Aztechi, Giglio azteco, Giglio di San Giacomo
RUSSIAN (Русский): Спрекелия, Шпрекелия
SPANISH (Español): Narciso indico jacobeo de la flor roxa
UPPER SORBIAN (Hornjoserbsce): Pyšnica

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