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Neoporteria islayensis (C.F.Först.) Donald & G.D.Rowley
Cact. Succ. J. Gr. Brit. 28: 56. 1966

Accepted Scientific Name: Eriosyce islayensis (C.F.Först.) Katt.
Eriosyce (Cactac.) gen. revis. & ampl. (Succ. Pl. Res., 1) 117 (1994)


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Eriosyce islayensis (C.F.Först.) Katt.
Eriosyce (Cactac.) gen. revis. & ampl. (Succ. Pl. Res., 1) 117 (1994)
Synonymy: 52 Cultivars (1):

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Eriosyce islayensis group

  • Eriosyce islayensis (C.F.Först.) Katt.: has globose to cylindrical stems with very woolly areoles and dark spreading spines, the different wild populations constitute a single but multiform species. Distribution: Northern Chile along the coast, to southern Peru (just south of Lima)
  • Eriosyce islayensis subs. grandis (Rauh & Backeb.) G.J.Charles
  • Eriosyce islayensis subs. omasensis (Ostolaza & Mischler) G.J.Charles
  • Eriosyce islayensis cv. TAIWAN: has flat proliferanting stems with large very wooly areoles and short, thin spines. The flowers are pink. Garden origin (Hybrid?)
  • Islaya brevicylindrica Rauh & Backeb.: has short cylindrical stems. Distribution: Rio Ocoña to Camana, Southern Coast of Arequipa, Peru.
  • Islaya copiapoides Rauh & Backeb.: has few stout spines. Distribution: Rio Ocoña to Camana, Southern Coast of Arequipa in the middle of Islaya territory, Peru.
  • Islaya copiapoides var. chalaensis F.Ritter: Has fewer very strong spines. Distribution: North of Chala, along the coast and inland of Arequipa, Peru in the middle of Islaya territory.
  • Islaya divaricatiflora F.Ritter: It has mostly red-violet flowers and shorter spines. Distribution: Camana and adjacent areas, Arequipa, Peru.
  • Islaya grandiflorens Rauh & Backeb.: has large flowers (the larger of the Islayas) and white wooly crown. Distribution: Chala to Tacna, Southern Coast of Arequipa, Peru.
  • Islaya grandiflorens var. spinosior Rauh & Backeb.: has large yellow flowers and many strong spines. Distribution: Chala, Southern Coast of Arequipa, Peru.
  • Islaya krainziana F.Ritter: has strong somewhat columnar stems that can reach 75 cm high (the taller of the islayas). Distribution: It is the only Chilean population of "Islaya", located around Poconchile above Arica, very near the Peruvian border.
  • Islaya longicarpa Kníže: has very long fruits. Distribution: along the coast near Atico, Peru.
  • Islaya maritima F.Ritter: Distribution: Atico, Peru.
  • Islaya paucispina Rauh & Backeb.: is similar to "lindleyi" and "chalaensis" (if not the same) but usually with stronger spines. Distribution: Chala, Peru.
  • Islaya solitaria n.n.: has often solitary spherical or cylindrical stems up to 20 cm tall and 10 cm in diameter, lime-blue or grey-green. Distribution: Camana Pampa, Peru.
  • Neoporteria lindleyi C.F.Först.: has fewer and shorter spines.

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